Data Intelligence Products for Strategic Growth

KaDSci offers a select range of data analytic products tailored for transformative decision-making.


Our EXO[GENiUS] platform transcends traditional analytics by integrating data science with the critical element of human judgment. Designed for angel investors, it’s more than a tool—it’s your sixth sense for success, proven to enhance portfolio performance with over five years of robust data.

Value-Focused Metrics

KaDSci’s Value-Focused Metrics (VFM) stands apart as a groundbreaking approach. Merging the precision of data science with comprehensive organizational insights, VFM equips leaders with a transformative understanding of success. It’s a strategic tool that unveils key drivers to magnify impact and outcomes.

Strategic Workforce Analysis Tool

Strategic Workforce Analysis Tool or SWAT is more than a platform; it’s your strategic partner in workforce planning. Birthed from our collaboration with the IRS, SWAT is now empowering government organizations to navigate their workforce challenges with precision and foresight.

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