At KaDSci, we're always on the move, engaging with the latest trends and insights in our field. This page is your window to our world of events - from the significant conferences we're excited to attend, to the influential gatherings we've been a part of in the past six months.

Twelfth International Conference Semantic Technology for Intelligence, Defense, and Security (STIDS 2024)

This year the STIDS theme will be providing trustworthy advanced computing by integrating semantic technologies, computer and data science, and analytics using transdisciplinary teams.

Military Operations Research Society National Security Risk Analysis Community

On January 25th Dr. Maxwell gave a presentation to the Military Operations Research Society National Security Risk Analysis Community of practice on applied ontology development and its contribution to National Security analyses and decision support.  (Abstract attached)

NCOR Workshop

On January 16th and 17th KaDSci, in collaboration with the National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR) at the University of Buffalo, hosted a workshop attended by academic, government, and commercial organizations to discuss how to advance the state of the art and practice for applied ontology development.  The workshop identified a critical need to for expanding applied ontology training and education capacity as well as increased need for multidisciplinary information exchange across the data science, AI, and ontology communities. More to follow as KaDSci works with all the stakeholders to meet these needs.

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