At KaDSci, we understand that the intersection of data and human insight is where true innovation sparks. Nestled in the heart of Fairfax, VA, our team of dedicated professionals excels in transforming complex data landscapes into streamlined avenues of opportunity.

Through our comprehensive suite of services in Research, Analytics, and Engineering, we cater to the nuanced needs of the commercial and public sectors, offering not just support, but a strategic partnership.

Kadsci TEAM

Daniel Maxwell

President/Chief Scientist
As President and Chief Scientist at KaDSci, Daniel spearheads a decision analysis and research business dedicated to delivering top-tier decision support software and services to government and commercial sectors. His leadership involves creating custom software, models, simulations, and comprehensive analyses, meeting the specialized needs of a diverse clientele. His focus on quality and efficacy underscores the company's commitment to advanced, data-driven decision-making solutions.
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William Forrest Crain

KaDSci Fellow
William, a KaDSci Fellow and independent consultant with Crain & Associates since May 2020, has a distinguished career in operations research and analysis. Previously, he was a Senior Operations Research Analyst at the Center for Army Analysis, overseeing significant budget and personnel management. His roles have included Director positions in U.S. Army Materiel Systems and Capabilities Integration, showcasing his expertise in materiel, logistics, and Army capability requirements.

Steve Dennis

Executive Scientist
Steve Dennis has been pivotal in developing capabilities for Virginia's state decision-making in emerging technologies and economic development. He specializes in advising on information sharing and Internet of Things architectures, significantly contributing to the advancement of smart city applications at state, regional, and local levels. His expertise enhances KaDSci's role in driving technological innovation and strategic growth.

Steve Jones

Chief Analyst
Steve Jones, Chief Analyst at KaDSci, LLC, specializes in analytic projects for clear decision-making. His expertise in simulations and process modeling, honed through his US Army background in Operations Research, has led to significant achievements like a $1 billion cost avoidance project. Holding two master's degrees in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Steve's work spans from immigration system analysis to emergency response optimization, significantly contributing to our commitment to enhanced decision-making through data analytics.

Christopher Smith

Executive Scientist
Executive Scientist at KaDSci, Christopher brings over 15 years of expertise in data analysis and operations research, coupled with a 30-year U.S. Army career. Specializing in decision analysis, data analytics, and network analysis, he has led projects for the DoD and intelligence community. Dr. Smith holds multiple degrees, including a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, and serves as an Associate Professor of Business Analytics at Wake Forest University.

Paul Foley

KaDSci Fellow
Paul brings over fifty years of expertise in mapping, charting, geodesy, and geospatial intelligence to KaDSci, LLC. A former Army Corps of Engineers Officer with extensive experience in combat and topographic engineering, Paul has played pivotal roles in developing geospatial standards and technologies. Holding Masters Degrees in Photogrammetry and Systems Management, his work has influenced international standards in modeling and simulation. His distinguished career includes contributions to key defense and intelligence agencies, underscoring his profound impact on our geospatial intelligence capabilities.

David Davis

Executive Analyst
Professor Davis, Executive Analyst at KaDSci, has a distinguished background in decision theory, disaster response, and conflict resolution. Retired from George Mason University and the Institute for Defense Analyses, he established a successful Masters program in Peace Operations. His work includes significant contributions to NATO's peace support operations and strategic roles in U.S. government projects. He currently focuses on simulation and modeling in complex social systems.

Mark Sumile

Senior Principal Analyst
Senior System Engineer at KaDSci LLC, joined the company with a rich 20-year background as a Surface Warfare Officer in the U.S. Navy and extensive experience in test & evaluation, capability analysis, and software development. An expert in operational command & control ontologies, Mark applies his diverse skills in operational planning, knowledge management, and acquisition processes. He holds an MBA in Information Technology Management and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

John Gugliotti

Senior Principal Data Scientist
John, a seasoned professional with over 20 years in technology and consulting, brings a wealth of expertise to KaDSci, LLC. Specializing in data modeling, software development, and advanced analytics, he has a proven track record of leading teams to deliver impactful data products and AI solutions across multiple industries. His innovative approach in areas like digital advertising and intelligence analysis aligns with our mission to offer advanced, data-driven solutions for operational efficiency and business growth.

Stephanie Hurtz

Senior Software Engineer
Stephanie Hurtz, Senior Computer Engineer at KaDSci, LLC, brings over 10 years of experience in designing and developing custom software applications. A University of Virginia alumnus with a B.S. in Computer Science, her career includes impactful roles at Expedia and IBM. At KaDSci, Stephanie's expertise in combining technological innovation with practical application significantly contributes to achieving the company's research goals and driving client success in data analytics.

Billy Riegel

Raleigh Site Lead / Lead Developer
Mr. Riegel, the Raleigh Site Lead and Lead Developer at KaDSci, LLC, excels in his role on the IMEA/UTAS and Discoverable Data software package through a subcontract with Applied Research Associates. He also supports projects with the IRS and EXOGENiUS. Prior to KaDSci, he co-founded Ludic Games, showcasing his skills as a developer and project manager. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University.

Abir Majumder

Staff Developer
Abir, a Staff Developer at KaDSci, has a strong foundation in software engineering, data structures, and network security, with proficiency in C and Java. His notable projects include developing a Sudoku Clone with Pygame, enhancing a Siemens Healthineers full-stack application, and improving NC State’s iTrust2 Health System. An Eagle Scout, Abir also contributed to a veteran memorial project and has experience as an IT Assistant at NC State’s College of Textiles.

Aron Cottman

OR Analyst
As an Operations Research Analyst at KaDSci, Aron has significantly enhanced the testing and evaluation of the SoSOA modeling software. He developed end-to-end models for TSA-checked baggage screening operations and created comprehensive training materials and best practices. His expertise in blending data for machine learning models, utilizing statistical modeling, and establishing efficient data ingestion techniques has been instrumental in automating and optimizing data-driven processes.

Timothy Prudhomme

Senior Developer / Ontologist
Tim Prudhomme, a skilled Senior Developer and ontologist at KaDSci, LLC, excels in integrating formal semantics into software and data engineering. His primary focus has been on healthcare and biomedical informatics, where he has developed distributed cloud applications and data pipelines. With a B.A. in Philosophy from North Carolina State University, Tim's expertise in conceptual modeling and data interoperability is enriched by his background in cognitive science, philosophy of language, and logic, enhancing our data analytics solutions.

Cameron Schlonski

Data Scientist
As a Data Scientist at KaDSci, LLC, Cameron specializes in inputting data into ontologies and creating geospatial visualizations for informed decision-making. He analyzes multivariate data to aid Virginia fund managers in selecting small businesses and applying machine learning and graph theory to military task ontologies. His expertise also extends to long-term forecasting with Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling, significantly contributing to the optimization of decision-making processes.

Shane Babcock

Senior Ontologist
Shane, a Senior Ontologist at KaDSci, has notably contributed to the Infectious Disease Ontology, including extensions for viral diseases and COVID-19. As a postdoctoral trainee, he reengineered the Influenza Infectious Disease Ontology and worked on bacterial pathogen extensions. Currently, he consults remotely, developing an interactive dialogue-based ontology learning system, DBOL, and created the Military Ranks Ontology, demonstrating his profound impact in the field of ontology and AI-driven knowledge management.

Jon McLellan

Senior Developer / Ontologist
Jon McLellan, a seasoned data scientist and ontologist, brings a unique blend of technical prowess and philosophical insight to KaDSci. With extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, Jon specializes in Python, SQL, data visualization, and machine learning. His career is marked by significant roles such as Senior Data Scientist and Senior Engineer/Ontologist, where he excelled in developing innovative solutions for complex data challenges. Jon's expertise is not just technical; his strategic leadership and ethical approach to data science have been pivotal in driving project successes and fostering team growth. His contributions at KaDSci are characterized by a commitment to leveraging data for insightful, impactful decision-making.

Samuel Wood

Software Developer
Samuel, a proficient software developer at KaDSci, LLC, currently lends his expertise to Applied Research Associates, focusing on Discoverable Data and Model Services projects. Prior to joining KaDSci, he developed applications for Oracle's cloud environment. Holding a B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University, Mr. Wood combines his academic knowledge with practical experience to contribute to our software development initiatives.


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